Play CHESS Daily (A4 printable)

Play CHESS Daily (A4 printable)


This A4 printable is a great way to track five of the most imporant element of you wellbeing across the week.

"I nourish my body with clean food, plenty of water, quality sleep, and exercise to help me thrive everyday"

Each day is like a game your own game of chess.....

C - conscious eating

H - hydration

E - exercise

S - steps (staying active)

S - sleep

At the start of the week, decide what your goals are for each category and then make your move..... and just like a game of chess, it's about having a strategy, thinking ahead, and then adapting after each move is made. Also like a game of chess, one 'bad' move alone isn't going to overturn the whole game, the next move has the ability to put you right back on track.

Download one, print as many times as you like!

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