Things i find inspiring

Over the course of my journey I have come across a number of resources and sometimes I find (or am directed to one) that really resonate with me... so here they are in case they resonate with you too. I will continue to add to this over time, so please keep checking back!


Soul Stroll

I was introduced to Soul Stroll by my coach at a time in my life where I was really struggling with my self-confidence (to put it bluntly). Ok – What is Soul Stroll? It’s a 22-minute workout track with affirmations overlaid. Sound strange? In the best way possible!!! The track is a mix of Beyonce, Missy Elliot, and other upbeat tunes so from day one (even not being an affirmation kinda person – at that stage) it was so easy to get into a groove on my morning walk.

The real magic happened a few months after regularly soul strolling….. life threw me one of the biggest curve balls of my life and to my own pleasant surprise I handled it like an absolute pro. I believe with all my heart that had the same ball been thrown 6 months earlier it would have been a very different outcome.

Erin is 200% correct when she says the thoughts we think become our reality. Over those few months of soul strolling I had become to believe that I am strong, I have all that I need……..Basically – Soul Stroll is freaking awesome!!!!

Feel the fear and do it anyway

It’s only 90-seconds and it’s an ad for a clothing company – those facts aside this is one of my all-time favourite clips. I just love how beautifully it demonstrates the power in facing our fears. Here’s a little nugget for you….. the word fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real!

Start with WhyTED Talk Short Edited

Understanding your Why is the second step in my Awesome Life Formula and this 5-min clip, Simon Sinek, highlights how having a clear why is important and provides a solid foundation for consciously designing the life you desire.