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What is an Essential Oil?

  • Pure extract from plants (50-70 times more powerful than herbs)
  • Natures defence mechanism for plants and cells
  • Used anciently and throughout history for health benefits
  • Highly concentrated—1drop of peppermint essential oil = 28 cups of peppermint tea
  • Safe, effective, affordable, and an alternative to synthetic remedies

How would I use essential oils in my life?

  • Aromatically: either with a diffuser or simply inhale
  • Topically: Powerful stuff—one drop can support every cell in the body. When applied to soles of the feet, they enter your bloodstream within 30 seconds!
  • Internally: add to your water, cooking, or in a capsule

Looking for quality?

I recommend doTERRA oils as they are highest quality and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).


Already have some and want to know more about how you can use them? I have prepared a number of printable booklets to help with just that! Jump across to my resources section and click to download or browse through the range of diffuser and PURE-fume blends below.

Remember to check back regularly as they get updated and added to!