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Why the aeroplane you ask...

You might be thinking 'What's that got to do with anything?'

I'm glad you asked!

I like to think of personal development like getting on an aeroplane. We only get on that plane when we know where we want to go right? And when we get on we trust that the pilot will get us to our destination.  Now what we are often unaware of is that during our journey, that very aeroplane is actually off course nearly 97% of the time. What is more important, than taking a direct (straight path), is the constant minute adjustments in response to the environment. 

How cool is that!!?!? When I first learned this it was a light bulb moment for me and has been my favourite metaphor for personal development ever since. It also links nicely into one of my favourite quotes 'Progress over Perfection'

I work with people who are ready to explore their vulnerability, acknowledge what has been holding them back, and take ownership of their future.

If you’re ready to start living consciously and having a life by design rather than a life by default then I’d love to be part of the experience

When you work with me I will support you to navigate the journey to becoming the best version of yourself you can be and by drawing on a range of skills, support you to make the ride a fun and exciting one!


Curious to know more?

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation online chat. You can do that right here.

Step 2. Keep an eye on your inbox, as I’ll flick you an email with a few questions. This just helps me get to know a bit about you and what you’d like to get out of coaching with me, before we jump into the SKYPE chat.


Why coaching?

If you’re not sure what this whole coaching thing is all about then lets spend a few minutes exploring the possibilities of it together…

Coaching is:

  • Your choice
  • Directed by you
  • Solution focused and action orientated
  • Regular sessions to maintain momentum

Coaching isn’t:

  • A quick fix
  • Being told what to do

To put it simply, the ‘expert’ approach doesn’t always work. We are surrounded by guidelines and experts that tell us what we should and shouldn’t do. If this approach really worked, then we’d all be perfectly healthy and happy with our lives and living on cloud nine. Do you think that people really need (or even want) to be told that change is necessary and good for them?

Sustainable behaviour changes start in the mind. So it’s unsurprising that one of the biggest hurdles we face when making changes is our belief in ourselves. An alarming number of people lack confidence and the expert approach of telling people what to do doesn’t build confidence.

Most people do want to change and even know what to do… and yet it’s often our mindset that gets in the way of making real progress.

This is why having a coach is such a powerful and fast way to create lasting change.

 Imagine having the guidance and support to create a wellness plan and life vision for yourself on your own terms.
Imagine having the aid of an outside perspective to help you identify potential blind spots and support you in dissolving barriers that have previously held you back?

If you can imagine these things and want to get started, then give me a shout!


3-month coaching package

6 x 60-min, fortnightly, Skype sessions (First session 90-minutes) where we dive into the good stuff, plan your next steps and work through your current blocks.  

Worksheets, journal activities and other resources to support you in your journey. 

Unlimited email support between sessions and during the 2 weeks following your final session

Once you’re booked in I will email you a questionnaire to complete and return to me before your first session so we can both get clear on exactly where you’re at.

You’ve got this – I’ve got your back.

Your investment: AUD$220 per month // 3 months (10% discount if paid in full before first session)