Vulnerability rocks!

So in April of last year I was lucky enough to be invited by Life Coach and Writer, Jessica Demunck to write a guest blog for her website,, after I contacted her about a somewhat curious experience I had. In a nutshell – I posted a very dolled-up professional picture as my profile pic on my personal Facebook page and it got the most attention of any profile pic (probably any pic ever actually) I’d posted. I got a little disheartened by the fact that the previous profile picture, which was so much more meaningful to me, had basically been a non-event. The experience had me questioning the impact of societal perceptions of beauty and how this influences our behaviours and experiences (feel free to read the original post here).

Today I want to a) provide an update and b) almost rewrite that post through a new lense….

I don’t even remember why I chose to post the picture that got all the attention; maybe it was for the shock factor? Maybe it was to try and fit in? Maybe it was to show another side of myself?

Whatever the reason, it was not me being me….. it was showcasing a highly edited version of me – one that makes even me uncomfortable in my own skin (mutton dressed as lamb as mumma-bear would say) and you know what; since moving on from this picture I hadn’t given it much thought what-so-ever until recently.

I put a post on Instagram and Facebook that was all about me. How selfish does that sound…. Well fuck it – it was and sometimes we deserve to be selfish. The post was pretty simple really; I got my hair coloured and my ear pierced, whippdy-shit. What was important about this post those was that I was REAL… I put myself out there and finally found the courage to embrace my vulnerability.

And guess what!?!?!

It received more engagement than the fake picture from April 2017!!!

As scary as it can be, embracing vulnerability is the key to really loving every inch of you as the unique individual that you are!

People, please be you! Be true to the most honest part of yourself! Because when you are authentically vulnerable it will change the way you interact with the world and how the world interacts with you.

I am no longer bothered by the reactions to what I now refer to as the fake photo as it really wasn’t me that people were seeing…. And it created enough discomfort within me to know something had to change! And the only thing we can change, is ourselves!

Brene Brown has an awesome TedTalk on the power of vulnerability, if anything I have mentioned in this little didy resonates with you and you want to know more then I recommend you jump over to YouTube and take a look, it’s a very worthwhile 20minutes (

I wish I had learned this sooner…… hiding behind my vulnerability was so dis-empowering and since taking steps towards embracing it, learning from it, and leaning into it I feel like I am soaring and I want so much for others to feel freedom from those shackles! Who is ready to join me on the #vulnerableandreal journey to incredible self-love!?!?!

Amanda Bright