who is Amanda Jane


So this is me, Amanda Jane (Amanda or AJ for short). I am a Life Coach, Speaker, NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner, Workshop Facilitator, and Essential Oil nut (I prefer goddess) who loves to help people bring their dreams to reality and consciously design the AWESOME life they deserve.

I take any opportunity I can to be barefoot.... and that includes when I'm presenting as I find it helps me to feel grounded and connected to what I'm doing in a really authentic way. Maybe one day when I'm famous I might be well known enough to have my very own nickname - "Introducing, Amanda Jane, The Barefoot Presenter!"

In conjunction with helping you to become the best YOU that you can be, I am also passionate about creating custom personal development stationery. By putting things down on paper (or electronically) you free your mind to be able to focus on thinking and growing rather than remembering goals, tasks, and remaking decisions you've forgotten you already made. Committing your ideas and goals to paper also makes them real and is a vital part of turning dreams into reality. If you’ve been struggling to find a journal or planning tools that you feel work for you then let’s work together to develop something that is unique, personal, practical, and gorgeous, just for you.

My approach to coaching is based on supporting people to define what wellness means to them and then working towards that. I work with the uniquely developed Awesome Life Formula (ALF as it’s affectionately referred to) and will guide you through the seven steps to consciously designing the AWESOME life you deserve.

A – Attitude, W – Why, E – Excitement, S – State your Intent, O – Overcoming Obstacles, M – Maintaining Motivation, and E – Evaluation (& Celebration)

Each of the seven steps play an integral part to understanding the mindset and science behind effective goal setting. ALF takes us beyond smart goals and will show you how to set AWESOME goals that are aligned with your values, strengths, and vision.